IDIN - The Voice


In his debut album, "The Voice", the young 19 year old Persian-American artist, Idin, merges Middle Eastern melodies and words along with Western influenced jazz, trance, and pop sounds to create an energized, powerful musical experience all of his own. Idin uses his phenomenal "Voice" as more than just a sound, but as an instrument unto itself that seamlessly blends the different musical influences to produce what is sure to develop into an entirely new genre of music. Idin is clearly the new "Voice" of his generation.

1. Dooset Daram
2. Seda
3. Ballare
4. Setareh
5. Toh Bekhand
6. Cheshmaut
7. Why Am I So Sad?
8. Zoragh
9. Unsure
10. Ballare (Remix)

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