Dariush - Gole-e-Bita


Dariush, singer and activist, famous for his distinct, melancholy voice, is synonymous with immediate stardom. From his beginnings in the late 60's, Dariush has emerged a star within his own rank. Comparable to none, Dariush has continuously released memorable albums, with provocative, insightful and even tragic themes, most notably "Saaleh 2000" or "The Year 2000". Dariush has secured a place in the hearts of millions of devoted fans.

1.Shameh Mahtab
2.Shirin Shirin
3.Gole Bita
6.Soroode Afarinesh
7.Tond Badeh Hadeseha
8.Kohan Dyara

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Norouz 1394 Concert Series


                                             Kremlin Hotel Events(Antalya):

                   22march2015                                      28march2015                                    24march2015

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                                                                                          VIP: $200
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