Arian - Arian III (Ta Binahayat)


IMPORTANT! Please note that many of our online competitors, including some retailers, are selling bootleg copies of this album. This album has been released by Avang Music and therefore we are selling the original album which includes a DVD, CD and poster. You can ensure the originality of your product by looking for the silver hologram on the front of this album.

1. Afsoongar (Glamorous)
2. Bezar Beram (Let Me Go)
3. Kaashki (I Wish)
4. Sokoot (Silence)
5. Telesm (The Spell)
6. Ghasr Sheni (Palace Of Sand)
7. Shaparak (Butterfly)
8. Gomshodeye Man (My Lost One)
9. Kabootaraye Sepid (White Pigeons)
10. Khorshid Eshgh (Sun Of Love)
11. Mageh Mishe? (Is It Possible?)
12. Aroom Aroom (Slowly)

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