Parviz R. Panah - A Lover's World


Parviz R. Panah was born in Tehran in 1961. At the tender age of nine, he started to learn how to play the Tar at Tehran's National Music Conservatory. The Tar, a guitar-like, double-bowl shaped instrument, commonly used in classical music, was revolutionized by Rahmanpanah's ability to blend traditional Persian solos with western sounding arrangements, while still preserving the Persian spirit of the music.

Rahmanpanah is an accomplished musician and writer whom has performed with some of Iran's most renowned artists, such as the late Hayehdeh.

"A Lover's World" is Rahmanpanah's seventh album in a series of exciting, unique and soul-soothing musical blends. Enjoy the journey you are about to experience.

1) Love Flowers
2) The Words
3) A Lover's World
4) A New Day
5) The Call of Love
6) Ecstasy
7) The Time Machine
8) Sahara
9) Lover Alley
10) Why Now?
11) Dreams

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