Omid - Live at the Universal Amphitheatre


Avang Music captures Omid's live performance at the Universal Amphitheatre. With a sold-out crowd of 6200 cheering fans, Omid sings 14 of his memorable and unforgettable songs. Digitally recorded and remastered for your listening pleasure, this album will take you back to that magical night. Join Omid "Live in Concert" today.

Includes a never-before-released track.

1. Baaran
2. Tekeh Gah
3. Yaasamin
4. Gol-e Rooyaee
5. New Song (never been released)
6. Shekastani
7. Maast
8. Farman Eshgh
9. Khasteh
10. Roozegar
11. Doostam Nadashti
12. Dooset Daram
13. Tu Mahshari
14. Mahtab

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