Andy - And My Heart


The incomparably popular Persian rock/pop singer Andy Madadian is known to his millions of fans purely as "Andy". Somewhere between the dark mystery of an ancient civilization and music that dates back 5000 years and the youthful brashness of rock & roll, a magnificent young lion of a singer Andy has found his own unique place in music history. He's the world's first Persian dance rock superstar. It's a combination that enthralls audiences all over the world. Andy plays to sold out venues wherever he goes. His seven albums have sold in the millions, and in a gala ceremony at Universal Studios in 1994, he was named Persian Pop Male Singer of the Decade. At first glance, it's the dance music side of Andy that stands out. Whether the international star is singing in Persian, Spanish, English, Armenian, French or Italian, you can't take your eyes off him. Avang is proud to announce the Release of Andy's new album "And My Heart..."

1) Yallah
2) Niloufareh Bahaar
3) Rayhaan
4) Yadam Miaad
5) Tabeh Toh
6) Shabeh Asheghi
7) Royaa
8) Toe Nabashi
9) Naaz Ouni
10) You're the Reason
11) In My Mind
12) Soosi

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